Willy, the self-proclaimed payment guru, navigates through a comedic maze of dating dilemmas for a female member. When Ivory questions gender norms, Willy declares, "Whoever does the asking does the paying." Reverbo, accusing Willy of being a cheapskate, sparks a hilarious exchange about payments. Meanwhile, another subscriber seeks 3D printing wisdom, only for Willy to compare them to his ex – slow to warm up. And as Ivory inquires(for a subscriber) about hospital thermometers, Willy warns against the old behind mercury stick, prompting Reverbo's unconventional usage advice. Producer Reverbo's Words: In the quirky world of dating dilemmas, Willy fancied himself a maestro of payment etiquette. One day, while dispensing 3D printing wisdom, he couldn't resist drawing ex comparisons - claiming 3D printers were as slow to warm up as his ex's heart. Amidst the laughter therapy, Ivory, curious about thermometer types, inadvertently sparked gender norms debate. Reverbo, always ready for a jest, accused Willy of cheapskate tendencies, leading to a hilarious payment dispute. It was just another episode in the comedy hour with Willy, where hospital equipment discussions turned into love and laughter stories, proving that in the realm of dating humor, Willy reigned supreme.