Ivory, seeks guidance from advice columnist Willa for a subscriber and their bearer of cramping fingers and the confidant of all relationship woes, seeks guidance from advice columnist Willa for a subscriber. The desperate male subscriber writes in, detailing his predicament as his girlfriend, having pulled her back in an adventurous escapade, now demands nightly massages. However, his fingers, protesting vehemently with cramps, are posing a challenge. Willa, the sassy advice guru, answers his question with a hilarious diagnosis, claiming that the cramps are his brain's ingenious way of preventing him from becoming a human massage chair. Undeterred, Ivory questions the validity of this prognosis, prompting Wilma to assert her point with a resounding "heck it ain't!" Amidst the banter, a bombshell is dropped as Wilma speculates that the girlfriend's back-pulling escapade might be courtesy of another enthusiastic partner who "done blew her back out." The irreverent producer Reverba chimes in, likening the girlfriend's contortion to a Philly Pretzel, adding a flavorful twist to the unfolding drama. In Ivory's pursuit of a solution for the subscriber, she queries what the beleaguered boyfriend should do. Wilma, the ever-resourceful adviser, suggests a humorous remedy - the cramp-stricken boyfriend should redirect his massage skills towards Wilma herself, who boasts a closet full of Compression gloves and a non-circuit-breaking oscillator. The savvy producer Reverba seals the deal with a nonchalant "problem solved!" as the trio leaves us in stitches with their comical take on love, cramps, and Philly Pretzels.